Welcome to St Mary Redcliffe


This parish church has stood for over 800 years as a witness to the wonder of God, the skill of craftsmen and women, and the faithfulness of generations of Christians. The first church may have been built here when Bristol first became a port. The original quayside is just across the road, beneath the red sandstone cliff after which this area is named.


The current generation of ‘SMR’ is a diverse community. We are old and young; rich and poor; married, partnered and single. We are Bristol-born and migrants to the city; Redcliffe through-and-through and newcomers to the church. We are diverse in our ethnic backgrounds and proud of our cultural identities. We are LGBTQIA and we are just learning what those letters mean.


We believe that every person is made in the likeness of God and reflects the image of God; and we do our very best to welcome each and every person in the name of God who made us as we are and who loves us for who we are. (read more)



May the glory of God enthral you,

the wonder of God inspire you,

and the love of God fill you.



The church is open daily for all to visit, reflect, pray, join in formal worship or simply “be”.


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