Workshops, talks and guided tours


Although we will write a workshop to enhance your RE curriculum, you might like to know about some of workshops or talks which have already taken place:


Why is The Bible special to Christians?

Why are churches special places for Christians?

What do Christians believe about life after death?

How do we use our senses in different ways in church?

What are the similarities and differences between Anglicanism and Catholicism?

St Mary Redcliffe’s historical significance in Bristol

Exploring the symbolism and stories in stained glass windows

Looking for Christian symbolism in the church

Exploring the story of Noah’s Ark

Understanding the meaning of the story of the Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan and Edward Colston

The story of Prodigal Son and the theme of forgiveness

Why is Harvest Festival special to Christians?

Celebration – the season of Advent

Symbolism – the season of Advent

Why is Christmas special to Christians?