The Canynges Society


The Canynges Society is a registered charity dedicated to raising funds to support, primarily, the maintenance of the building fabric of the church of St. Mary Redcliffe. It has, in addition, a number of other charitable objectives. It makes grants towards major restorations of the Church, repairs to the organ, fixtures, fittings and vestments; to the advancement of the Christian faith within the Anglican Communion; towards the education of the public in general both in relation to the Christian faith and in relation to the history of the Church of England and the parish of St. Mary Redcliffe.


It was formed in 1848 in order to raise funds for badly needed restoration of the church and the rebuilding of the spire. In 1872 on Ascension Day the capstone of the spire was laid and the following year the Society disbanded, thinking their work done having raised £14,179 towards the total restoration costs of £40,000.


In 1927 further work was required and, largely due to the influence of Sir Edward James, Sir Foster Robinson and Cyril Clarke the Society was revived in that year. Since that time the Society has built up funds through appeals and investments to carry out its objectives.


A new President is appointed every year who nominates a project for the presidential year. The President then makes a general appeal to people who love the Church who are asked to donate to the Society. The generosity of those who donate to the Society can be seen throughout the Church, whether it be restoration of the mediaeval windows or the instillation of modern lighting.

The President is supported by a Standing Committee of volunteers who are elected annually at the Society’s AGM.


St Mary Redcliffe is about to undergo fundamental change with a bid for Heritage Lottery money to restore and enhance the Church both within and without. The Society will not only continue to make its traditional grants, but also support the Church in its efforts to carry out the new vision which is just as radical as the objects of the original founders of the Society on 1848.


The Canynges Society is a registered charity (Registered charity no: 242231).


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Please consider supporting the work of The Canynges Society. You can do this in a number

of ways:


• By becoming an individual or corporate 
  member of the Society for the year;

• By becoming a continuing member by
  setting up a standing order;

• By making a single donation.


How does my donation help to support St Mary Redcliffe?


All the money raised by The Canynges Society goes towards restoring, repairing or enhancing the fabric of St Mary Redcliffe Church.


The society has been responsible for funding many major capital projects that have only been made possible by the generous support offered by The Canynges Society and which have contributed to ensuring that St Mary Redcliffe remains, not only one of the most spectacular parish churches in England, but also one of the best maintained.


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