Story Sacks - The Tale of the Heaven Tree


written by Mary Joslin, illustrated by Meilo So



Part creation story, part ecological fable, this eye-catching volume extols the beauty of the natural world and emphasizes the importance of preserving it.


The Great Maker has created a series of beautiful gardens and populated them with wonderful plants and animals. Humankind however, decides to develop more land and construct larger and larger buildings, and eventually the gardens are razed and devastated, the animals displaced, suffering or dead. A sole child, with guidance from the Great Maker, begins a regeneration of the gardens with one small seed.  The seed grows into the Heaven Tree which becomes a home for all creatures.



This story sack consists of a wooden curtain pole over which hang a series of beautifully painted scenes from the story.  The characters in the story: the girl, birds and animals have been imaginatively designed and beautifully knitted to look like their counterparts in the story.