Story sacks


We have several story sacks made by our Craft Group.  These can be used as the basis for a workshop in the church.  They can also be borrowed from St Mary Redcliffe for a small fee.


The cost of borrowing is £10 per story sack.  We require a payment of £30 of which £20 will be returned when the complete story sack is returned.  Should anything be lost or damaged, some of the money will be retained to replace the objects.


Our story sacks are as follows (click on the italic titles for further information):


Easter: Petook An Easter Story

Easter: Easter Story

Environment: The Tale of the Heaven Tree

Harvest: Bartimouse and the Harvest Garden

Christmas: Little Owl and the Star


Each story sack contains a story book, knitted artefacts depicting the characters and objects in the story, a related factual book and a base mat on which to place the artefacts.