Colour and light


Stained glass windows express our faith, tell the greatest events in the Bible in pictures and beautify our churches.


The oldest glass here is 14th century, whilst the magnificent Lady Chapel windows date from the 1960s.


This modern glass was designed by celebrated stained glass artist and sculptor Harry Stammers.


As you gaze on saints and merchants, our Blessed Lady Mary and Christ crucified, risen, ascended, glorified, also look for Noah’s Ark, a lady’s handbag and a gentleman’s trilby hat.


Wonder that natural materials like sand and earth, aided by alkali, can be transformed by heat, craftsmanship and artistry into these lovely images that flood the building with light and colour.


Take a look at our presentation to the right on the stained glass of St Mary Redcliffe.


The gallery below shows many examples of stained glass in the windows of  the church.


You can also read a detailed study of our  stained glass below.