Story Sacks - Petook - An Easter Story


written by Caryll Houselander, illustrated by Tomie de Paola



Petook is set in two time periods.  In the first, Petook—a white rooster—becomes the proud father of a clutch of twelve chicks, hatched by his hen Martha.  Soon after they hatch, a curious and gentle boy (who turns out to be Jesus) visits Petook, Martha, and their clutch, and admires how Martha gathers the chicks under her wings.


The second part of the story is many years later, when Petook and Martha are old, and Jesus is about to die.  Again, Martha is sitting on a nest of eggs.  As Petook waits for his new clutch of chicks to hatch he observes the events of Easter playing out in the distant background of the illustrations—the mob in the garden of Gethsemane, the three crosses on the hill, and the empty tomb.


Finally—with all the world waiting for new life to burst forth—the first of Martha’s chicks hatches and Petook crows triumphantly, over and over again: “It was Easter Morning.”


This story sack consists of a base mat depicting the landscape in which the Easter story takes place.  It also contains all of the characters in the story, which have been beautifully designed, crocheted and knitted to capture the delightful drawings in the book.