Creating a vision for the future St Mary Redcliffe is a magnificent and historically significant church which provides a wonderful setting for Christian worship and, as an embodiment of local, national and international heritage, attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. However, it is also generally recognised that the current church building is ill-equipped to support all of the activities associated with a major parish church, heritage attraction and event space in the C21st. For some years, the church has been gathering information in preparation for a large scale redevelopment of its facilities. This body of research is now available for you to view and can be accessed from this page. The church ran an architecture competition earlier this year to appoint a team to work with the church on realising its ambition to be: - a thriving Christian community - a welcoming heritage destination - an effective parish church Purcell architects won the competition and we are now working with them to develop a strong proposal with which to approach the Heritage Lottery Fund for financial support towards the costs of realising our vision. On this page you can: Read about the background to the project Keep up to date with project news by reading our development blog Watch an interview with Purcell Watch our symposium on church architecture Take a look at Purcell's winning design proposal

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