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St Mary Redcliffe has – during the last decade or so - embarked on a journey to develop a clearer understanding of the various issues facing the church and to identify possible solutions to them. To achieve this, a substantial body of work has been commissioned from a range of experts who have produced studies and plans designed to help lay the foundations for an eventual development of the church’s facilities.


These have helped to clarify our thinking about what St Mary Redcliffe needs in terms of the physical regeneration of the building and its surrounds and put us in an excellent position to press forward with the proposed redevelopment of the church’s facilities. In tandem with the Statement of Need, which was approved by the PCC in 2013, and the church’s adopted Vision Statement, these studies demonstrate to potential funding and professional bodies that the church has thought carefully about its future and has expended a lot of time and effort on commissioning work to help it map the best way forward.


Statement of need 2013

Statement of need updated version (with 2014 & 2016 amends)

The journey so far - St Mary Redcliffe development

The journey so far - Redcliffe redevelopment

Redcliffe Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Vision Statement

Statement of significance (working document)

Space study

West end study

Access study

Accommodation plan

Lighting survey

Energy audit

Heritage report

South churchyard survey

Conservation Plan

North porch study

Strategic visitor review

Dare to dream - facilities aspirations brief

Plans and elevations

Location plan

Archaeological report

North wall archaeological report

Ground penetrating radar survey

Leech mansion house report