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A Vision for St Mary Redcliffe


St Mary Redcliffe is steeped in history and the people are rightly proud of that heritage but they are equally clear about where they’re going. People blossom in front of you when they talk about their faith, and are passionate about the networks of groups they are involved with far beyond the church.


The church is focussed on things that really matter, on issues that affect the poor and marginalised, whilst those things that often clamour for attention are given their proper place amongst competing priorities. There is a real sense of working together towards a clear goal amongst the different elements of a complex church.


More than that, the church is actively seeking out and working with other faith and community groups to tackle all kinds of social, economic and environmental problems, some around the corner and others around the world.


Congregations are growing in number and in commitment to the purpose of the church, and it is evident that individuals and groups way beyond the bounds of the church understand why St Mary Redcliffe exists, what it stands for and are grateful for its positive impact upon their lives.

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