Story Sacks - Bartimouse and the Harvest Garden


written by Christina Goodings



Two lovely little mice, Barti and Emma, live in the hall where the playgroup meets. As they watch what the children do, they always find a way to join in. In this Bartimouse book, the children are sowing a harvest garden. Bartimouse accidentally adds a very special plant! The playgroup leader organizes the children into harvesting their crops and inviting friends for a harvest meal, but remembers to leave the garden gleaning for the wild creatures. Bartimouse and Emma have their own celebration as well...and there are still enough seeds left for the next year's planting!




This story sack consists of a base mat depicting a garden and allotment scene.  There are beautifully knitted fruit and vegetables with plant labels to enable a sorting game.  Bartimouse and Emma have also been creatively designed and knitted to capture the delightful drawings in the book.